... Kai Richard, Managing Director of Wandwerk GmbH, demonstrates his delight with the RONDO superlight on behalf of the entire master decorators. Together with his company, which has been in operation for over ten years, Richard undertakes between 50 and 100 projects in the Mainfranken and Main-Spessart area annually.


The test phase for the new lightweight hose from PFT came about due to a request from his construction machinery dealer Stöcker (Mainstockheim): “I agreed to it because Wandwerk is always willing to try something new”, explains Richard - that was two years ago. Today, the contractor is well aware of the advantages of the new RONDO superlight: “The RONDO superlight is incredibly lightweight, flexible, stable, resistant and easy to use.” The low weight also means that the work itself requires less effort, which results in significantly less fatigue at the end of the working day. And this has also benefited the health of the company’s six employees: “I am delighted with this, because it means that my workers will be around for even longer”, says Richard.

The managing director has been familiar with PFT products since his time as an apprentice, whilst his employees also possess many years of experience with products from Knauf PFT. He has a number of PFT machines in operation within his company. Problems arise very infrequently, and on these rare occasions the technical hotline is very quick to help him as a customer. As a logical result of this, Richard did not need to think twice when the possibility of testing the new RONDO superlight material hose came up.

He uses the lightweight hose together with a range of PFT machines - such as the G 4, the RITMO and a SILOMAT system - and he emphasizes that the hose connection with the tools is easily accomplished by hand here, thanks to the good design. In everyday use, base plaster and filler materials are transported with the RONDO superlight in both interior and exterior areas: “I take it with me everywhere I can use it”, enthuses the contractor - and he is able to use it frequently because he and his company specialise in exclusive, creative wall design, as well as exceptional and unique wall surfaces. Wandwerk processes up to one ton of material per day, including lime/cement plaster, gypsum plaster and fabric reinforcements. The use of a lightweight hose is ideal with this significant quantity, in order to lighten and ease the workload.

The managing director’s conclusion is correspondingly positive: “The RONDO superlight - there is simply nothing better at the moment. It is truly brilliant. As soon as the hose is on the market, we will be amongst the first to purchase additional hoses.”