PFT RONDO superlight

So light you almost forget it’s there.


It often only becomes apparent just how heavy some things are, when they suddenly become lighter. With its ultralight weight, you will barely notice the new PFT RONDO superlight material hose – during transport and when plastering. It will lighten your workload! It is also easy to change the two-part hydraulically integrated mortar coupling: with a simple thread. In future, take your work more lightly!



Connection type Mortar coupling
Weight 5 m | 10 m 2.9 kg | 4.3 kg
Inner diameter 25 mm
Operating pressure max. 40 bar
Burst pressure 125 bar
Bend radius 200 mm




Hose kink protection
Easy to change the two-part hydraulically integrated mortar coupling with a thread
Regular TÜV testing



High mortar throughput
Precise positioning of the pin inside the hole
Smooth sealing surface




Material hose RONDO superlight:

Comfortable and simple to use

PUR core – high abrasion resistance


Mortar coupling:

High tolerances with fit – safety

High material quality – malleable cast iron:



Reduced crack formation

Increased pressure stability, resilience and breakage resistance

Fully galvanised or produced from aluminium – avoidance of corrosion

High component strength



  Part no.
RONDO superlight flex DN25 — 5 m 00 66 73 49
RONDO superlight flex DN25 — 10 m 00 66 73 48


✔ Gypsum plaster
✔ Lime cement plaster (grain size ≤ 3 mm)





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